BTS Fleet Management Solutions

Custom solutions for productivity and perfomance improvement

Batys Techno Services (BTS) operates predominately in the oil and gas industries - wide spectrum demanding industries - providing fleet management solutions that allow you to control, plan and analyse every aspect of your fleet vehicles’ output and driver behaviour.

Real-time information made available at the click of a button ensure continuous improvement of productivity and performance through better budget decisions, resource planning and shaping of transportation goals.



Whether you need specialist advice, system support or simply in-house training, BTS has the answers to your questions.

With BTS your fleet management system will be built from the ground up to final implementation with continuous after-sale support and consultation. Besides the technical aspects of fleet management we also provide a full range of complementary services and support.

Together we can transform your in-vehicle monitoring system into an efficient, finely-tuned business tool.



BTS’ reputation is built on our specialist product knowledge but also on our commitment to meeting individual client needs.

Every company is unique and sometimes a standard solution may not fit the requirements completely.

Through our close customer/supplier communication and extensive experience in the field we will identify your specific requirements and design a custom modular solution for your business. One that suits your environment, resources and budget.



A fleet management system is comprised of an onboard in-vehicle computer that transmits data to a secure system using the latest satellite tracking and digital technologies.

This data is made available through a secure online platform in real-time but also recorded for your future access.


For instance, fuel expenditures are directly impacted by driver behavior in many ways. Excessive speed, idling times or over revving can drastically change a vehicle's fuel consumption in a determined route.

Having a tool to monitor in these behaviours will help you lower the fuel consumption of your fleet, make better projections of transit times, improve your company’s drivers security and diminish incidents and liability, all while reducing your company’s carbon-emissions footprint.



Besides the direct benefits of using a well-thought-of Fleet Management System, the information provided allows you to revise carefully your routes, identify training issues with your fleet operators and record errors, incidents and risk actions.

It brings a new, sharper, focus to your company’s fleet management that translates into higher productivity and performance.