History of a world-leading fleet management brand

VDO solution packages were always developed and manufactured by MiX Telematics, although under a different name. Throughout the years VDO has undergone branding and structural changes leading to the MiX Telematics range we know today.



The famous VDO Fleet Manager (FM) product range was designed and developed by Omnibridge for Siemens and sold by the latter as a world-wide renowned high-end Fleet Management system.

In May 2007 Omnibridge acquired the distribution rights for its Fleet Manager product range from Siemens VDO, while simultaneously acquiring Siemens VDO's UK based fleet management and commercial vehicle outfitting businesses, including the Datatrak product range and network.

Later on the same year Omnibridge was acquired and merged by Matrix Vehicle Tracking, another South African vehicle and transportation leading company. This newly merged company went on to list on Johannesburg Stock Exchange in November 2007. This was the starting point of MiX Telematics as a brand.


Re-branding from VDO to Mix Telematics

Following this newly listed company's vision to become the leading global provider of fleet operational metrics, the product line was re-branded from VDO to MiX Telematics - a name revealing of their product line core characteristics - 'Mobile Information Exchange' and telematics expertise.

MiX Telematics is the evolution of Siemens VDO but - more than that - it's also the merging of the know-how, business aspects and philosophy of the companies that gave rise to it. Back in 1995 Matrix Vehicle Tracking was the first company to put emphasis on the safety of the individual as opposed to the vehicle and Omnibridge had always the commitment to create the best fleet management solutions possible for the international market, while pushing the development of the underlying technologies to new frontiers.

These aspects are at the core of MiX Telematics and will always be. 

That's why BTS Fleet has been a distributor of MiX Telematics Fleet Management range for more than 10 years - we believe in providing the best possible solutions for your business and regarding Fleet Management, that means using MiX Telematics.