Cost-effective system for large and small fleets

Increased legislation, environmental concerns and rising fuel costs, make Fleet Management an essential operational component for todays small and large fleets. The process of keeping track of and maintaining vehicles can be time-consuming, and for large fleets, it can become a very complex task.

A comprehensive fleet management system will help you make this process significantly easier by providing you a platform from which you can access all the relevant data necessary to make informed budget decisions, resource allocation, itinerary planning and staff training necessities.

Real-time vehicle performance data coupled with driver behaviour monitoring, a comprehensive support system and our expertise will allow you to maximise your fleet productivity by providing you with a complete solution for your needs.





ImproveD safety 

  • Greater safety for all road users
  • Better driver’s discipline and behavior
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Minimisation of company liability

Increased profit

  •  Better fleet resource planning
  •  Lower operational cost and increased productivity
  •  Reduced wages and overtime costs
  •  Reduced fuel expenditure 

Better customer support

  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • Decrease amount of undue over-time hours
  • Easy to monitor if your vehicle is on time 
  • Better managed routs and more efficient delivery schedule 

control over your fleet

  • Vehicle tracking in real time
  • Control vehicle access
  • Remote vehicle disabling systems
  • Reduced asset theft and abuse
  • Motivated staff through clear incentives and performance records

Client testimonial

BTS’ In-vehicle monitoring system has given us an essential driver behavioural tool. Not only has it helped us improve and maintain high performance from our drivers but it has also provided us with reliable and accurate fleet accident analysis. Since we invested in their system in 2007, BTS has always responded promptly and professionally to any queries.
— Steve Burnell, Road Safety Coordinator, Agip KCO