BTS Fleet operates predominately in the oil and gas industries – industries with a wide spectrum of fleet management requirements. 

The in-vehicle monitoring system from Batys Techno Services (BTS) has the scope and the flexibility to tighten up fleet security and to sharpen up driver behaviour. Using the latest technology to capture key vehicle data, control fleet access and measure driver improvement our system provides an in-depth, accurate fleet analysis.

Whether you need specialist advice, system support or simply in-house training, BTS has the answers to your questions. Together we can transform your in-vehicle monitoring system into an efficient, finely-tuned business tool.

Are you measuring productivity and performance?

By capturing both logistical data and details of driver behaviour, fleet operators can obtain a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their fleet and staff. Routes can be revised, training issues identified and errors and incidents accurately recorded. From speeding to seatbelts, starting to stopping, all driver actions can be monitored. In-depth examination of productivity alongside performance brings a new, sharper focus to your fleet management.

Can your fleet management system grow in line with your business?

All around the world legislation regarding carbon emissions, traffic regulations and health and safety requirements are being constantly tightened. A flexible fleet management system ensures that all your vehicles and drivers comply with local laws wherever they are. This comprehensive approach to compliance helps safeguard your employees and facilitates the development of your operations.

Are you getting the most from your fleet management service?

BTS’ flexible fleet solutions let you control, plan and analyse every aspect of your vehicles’ output and monitor driver behaviour. Productivity is enhanced, performance improved and real time information made available at the click of a button. Fleet management solutions should provide accurate data that inform budget decisions, help resource planning and shape transportation goals. Does yours?